About Us

We are developers, and created EVO Origin Funding to help Greater Boston area developers grow their business and increase their profits. Everything we do is focused on helping you grow. We are more than a lender - we are your partner.

Extensive Development Experience in the Boston Area

The principals at Volnay Capital and Origin Property Group have developed hundreds of units in the Boston area over the last 10+ years.

The combined companies own and manage over 750 units in the Boston area.

We are active developers, with several projects ongoing at any point in time.

We are developers, and during our growth phases, we also experienced the challenges of raising capital for great projects.

For most developers, finding capital is often the biggest limitation. Many of our clients raised money previously from friends and family on a piecemeal basis. This relatively unreliable capital source made it difficult to confidently bid on projects. We provide a stable source of capital for our developer clients.

EVO Origin Funding

We are an institutional grade capital provide for the small-project market in Greater Boston. We offer debt and preferred equity, all from one source. This is our advantage, and allows us to provide highly innovative and tailored solutions to developers.

EVO Origin Funding is not a traditional financing firm

We seek long-term partnerships with developers. We are focused on helping you grow. These are the ways we can assist you, beyond just providing capital:
A second pair of eyes in reviewing opportunities
Valuation and appraisal
A broad subcontractor base that you can tap as needed
Supplier relationships across all areas of construction
Legal structuring guidance
Deal sourcing and target market analysis
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